Modern Touches is one of the Best Fire protection contractor in Dubai,UAE and our services include providing Fire retardant materials such as Fire Resistant Cloth, fire retardant sheets, Fire Retardant Fabric, Fire Retardant Spray for Fabric and Fire Retardant coating among others. Learn more about our products here.

Prevent the spread of fire.

Be sure your consumer products (furniture, carpets, textiles, insulation, wood items, foam, plastic …..) meet local flammability requirements.

Modern Touches Fire Resistant and Retardant Materials Trading is the UAE distributor for Fire Prevention Technologies dba Flame Safe Chemical Corporation.

Most fire retardant products presently on the market do not have testing by accredited third party testing agencies to back their claims. Flame Safe’s fire retardant products have been tested by accredited third party testing agencies. Flame Safe warrants its products to perform as tested and will furnish test reports upon request, in addition to those published on our web site.

FLAME SAFE CHEMICAL manufactures a complete line of fire retardant coatings, fire retardant penetrants and fire retardant sprays that meet or exceed industry’s fireproofing standards. The effectiveness of Flame Safe’s fire retardant products are well documented.

The uniqueness of FLAME SAFE’s fireproof products are not only their simplicity of application, their low cost, their environmental safeness, their tested proven certifications, but most importantly they are required by code.


Looking for fabric, carpet and upholstery protection? Water, Stain and Soil repellent treatment? 3M Scotchgard Protector?

Interested to see what we can do for your business? Call now to schedule a free estimate! 00971506226511

Worried about your valuable furnishings from dirt, stains and spills?

Wishing to keep them clean, stain free, same as new?

Protect your precious household items such as:

• Dining chairs
• Carpets
• Sofas
• Headboard
• Tents
• Curtains
• Etc


Modern Touches UAE's Antibacterial cleaning products are known for their highest standards. Our Antibacterial spray for home is rated among the best in Dubai.

Best Antimicrobial Fabric Treatment in UAE

Antimicrobial textile treatment durably binds effective antimicrobial ingredients to textiles to inhibit the growth of a large variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses on and in the fabric.

Antibacterial treatment helps to preserve the hygienic freshness of the products treated. Fabrics are kept freshbetween launderings with its long-lasting protection inhibiting odors.

The treatment lasts through multiple launderings.

Antimicrobial textiles are recommended for use in the military, healthcare, work/uniforms, home fashions and domestic products, and sports apparel.


Looking for professional upholstery and carpet cleaning for both residential and commercial areas?

When you look into the background of the carpet and furniture cleaning industry and ask the accuratequestions, you will find out that there are massive differences when contracting one cleaning company compared to another and the difference in not just in price. The most important areas to compare are: workmanship, machinery, equipment, knowledge, experience and quality.

All these factors can dramatically affect the quality of the service provided and the guarantee given.

When you hire us to care for your carpeting and upholstery you will be totallypleased and satisfied with the service we deliver for you. If you are not then we will come back and do the job again for FREE.

First, before starting the job, we do a pre-inspection to be aware of all the stains and any problem areas.

Then, we pre-vacuum to not just suck up the top soil.

Spraying is applied later on with our special green cleaning solutions that disinfects and loosens stains.

Then, westart our cleaning methods

We will spot clean any difficult stains witha handheld spotter and rinse the area again.

Finally, we will deodorize your items with a special deodorizer leaning your carpets and furniture smelling beautiful and clean.