About Modern Touches,

The Best Fire Retardant Paint and Chemical Suppliers in Dubai.

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Modern Touches Fire Resistant & Retardant Materials Trading (MTFRT) and Modern Touches Clearning Est. was established a decade ago to provide exceptional professional cleaning, protection, fire proofing services in the U.A.E. and Lebanon. We are an experienced and qualified organization that provides protective solutions for our esteemed client's treasured belongings. Over the years, our company has assisted corporates, clubs, hotels, conference halls, villas, clinics, hospitals, large buildings in protecting their valuables through our timely expert services ensuring that the quality of your material is not affected.

We work with FLAME SAFE's fire retardant coatings, sprays and penetrants which are easily applied, colorless, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and are aqueous based fire retardants chemicals. We use 3m Scotchgard to protect your valuables from dirst and stain.

The benefits of our services include:
• When treated by Modern Touches, the fabric doesn’t become hard or change its color or looks.
• The treatment doesn’t damage the fabric
• Our prices are always consistent and competitive.
• We offer high quality services and are committed to their delivery schedule.
• A large number of corporates have benefitted from our professional services.
• We use dry system which is eco-friendly

Hard-work and dedication of the entire management team are key factors of the company’s success in serving our valued customers in meeting their needs to the highest standard.


To be among the leading distributors a wide range of services in the UAE Region by exceeding standards for quality, reliability, eco-friendliness, dependability and customer support services delivered with integrity.


Our mission is to provide excellent business and exceptional experience to all Modern Touches Fire Resistant & Retardant Materials Trading stakeholders including suppliers and consumers; by bridging the gap in the provision of great value from customer service and high quality materials sourced top manufacturers.